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 It's Unfair....!!

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It's Unfair....!! Empty
PostSubject: It's Unfair....!!   It's Unfair....!! EmptySun Mar 09, 2008 10:49 pm

Itís Unfair....
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Category: Life

Sometimes, I wish that I was a B**** who can tell people what ever i feel right to their face. Sometimes I wish that I can just care less with what people feel and tell them what i want. Sometimes I wish I grew up like that! My life would probably easier and I don't have to worry about getting hurt or hurting other people feeling! Crying or Very sad

Why? Why? Why? It's not fair!! Why other people can right away tell what they feel and attacking other people and on the other hand i am stuck at the corner with my lips zipped and do nothing?! Tell you the truth.... I WANT TO BE A B**** TOO!! Evil or Very Mad

What is the point from being nice if you always become a victim? What is the point from being nice if you the only one who always end up getting hurt? I know that lot of people out there love me but right now....for some reason, I feel very empty and lonely.Crying or Very sad

Another thing that is unfair......I still need my parents but WHY He took them away from me??? They are gone! Sad Luckily, I have 2 brothers who trully love me but still.....parents are different than brothers or sisters. Sometimes i wish that they were here so i can talk and cry on their shoulders so i could share my feelings and feel relieve from all the bagages that i have. It's really not fair. Lot of people still have their parent and they don't even have respect for them! And me..???? We were a happy family! I always believe that God must be have a reason behind that but still does not make me understand why He took them away from me while i was still too young to be an orphan????? What happen if I ever have a child? Where should I go to ask about mother and daughter things? Now there is no way for me to ask them to stay with me in the hospital room if I ever give a birth. These questions will never be answered! confused

Hopefully people out there will understand what i feel and will have more respect and love for their parents while they're still alive and also feel blessed with them. Life is short! I've learned it the hard way. I wish I died with my dad but if i die with my dad, maybe my mom (at that time) would die too and everything would be more messed up than it already is! Well....I guess, it just have to be this way. God's plan and just believe in it and have faith.
Crying or Very sad
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Dark Veis
Dark Veis

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It's Unfair....!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: It's Unfair....!!   It's Unfair....!! EmptyWed Mar 12, 2008 10:52 am

God has a plan for all of us. We all carry the cross and everybody's cross has different burdens, and please don't say you wanna be a B**** it's horrible, eveyone would hate you, all your friends are fake, we are the victims because we chose to stick to the truth of having to care for other people and not our selfs

As much as I'd mourn for the death of your parents I feel that the of it is harder than my burden of being bullied for my whole life because I grew up to get used to it and it doesn't affect me anymore. All those B****es out there don't care about anyone but them selves, they're heartless to no one but them selves so please don't say you wanna be like them. They hurt other people without knowing it but when the people they hurt decides to leave the world and saves them a little message of all the things those people have done to hurt them they'll carry a burden they'll have for a life time so please please don't say you wanna have a life like them
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It's Unfair....!!
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