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 Many Demon Experience - A True Story

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PostSubject: Many Demon Experience - A True Story   Many Demon Experience - A True Story EmptySun Mar 30, 2008 8:37 pm

Story by: Emily A.
A True Story

There is a lot to tell, but I want others to know what I saw and felt and heard, mostly felt. It was the year 2004. I moved back with my dad so that I could save money and get back on my feet.

I would get visited in my dreams every other night, some times every night, for about a year. I wasn't an evil person and my dad's a minister, so I don't know why I was attacked. In my dreams I knew I was sleeping but couldn't wake up. I would be on my bed and wouldn't be able to move or talk and I could see the room the same, but it seemed static like that's the only thing that was different and there were demons, some times three or four at a time.

One time one was sitting on me with its back turned against me and I could see his spine poking out. His body was really small, a lot like that creature off of Lord of the Rings, the one who showed Frodo around, they had his body and wore a cloth like diaper around their groin area.

Another demon would be biting at my hand and another at my feet and pulling my body like they were trying to pull me off the bed. They stunk horribly like smoke and some other weird smell, they were bald and had oval big eyes with sharp pointed corners and their teeth were sharp looking with blood stains on them.

One was over my face laughing at me. I remember finally being able to speak and saying, in the name of Jesus Christ leave, and would I say it over and over again and they would just laugh at me and I still couldn't move. They would be touching my nipples and playing with my clitoris, that always happened when ever I got visited by them and it happened over and over again for months.

If I wasn't being attacked by them I was always having a dream I was dying of something or someone was chasing me. I would fall off cliffs or be in tornados and drown in the ocean and it was pitch black in all of them. I would wake up in the middle of it so I could still feel it even after a couple of minutes went by. I would wake up and the clock would always say 3:00 am.

Then the attacks stopped for a while in my dreams. For about a year it stopped. I would have them only once in a while. Then I started to get attacked while I was awake. I would feel someone laying on top of me and it would be hard to breathe, that happened a lot, almost everyday. I remember it happened one time when I was 17, but it stopped and I soon forgot. I would tell my dad and he would always say, just pray about it. Praying is what I always did.

Then I finally met someone who was a medium. He told me about my attacks and he knew nothing about me. We became good friends and I got along with his wife and kids. Shortly after they got baptized at my church, the attacks got worse, ten fold. There was so much it would take a book to write it all.

I moved in with the family because they understood my attacks, but my family didn't. We all slept in the front room because it was hard being alone, sounds weird but at that time I needed a lot of help and they were being attacked too. The kids could see the demons too. Then demons would enter into me. I was able to chase them out my self but it was hard. It never got as bad as some possessions I've read about. I would say mine were more attached to me.

These attacks broke my family apart. When I would finally get them to understand me I would feel a demons presence and I knew at times there motives and emotions, and what ever I was saying to the person its like it was erased and they were like what are you talking about? It was so beyond frustrating. I wouldn't want to go anywhere because I would feel the demons who were attached to other people jump on me sometimes and I would have to fight them off, sounds crazy but it is true.

I always wanted to die because of the things I experienced. People didn't believe and if they did believe in demons they limited their abilities like they would say, oh well they cant do this and they cant do that, well I'm here to tell you THEY CAN and they'll do anything to mess with your head and what you see. I would see people's faces change too. I would see there eyes turn black, a lot like the movie Emily Rose but some of it was different than what it shows on there. That's a good visual and it is also a good visual to how it felt when they were on top of me, and I never saw the movie before any of the attacks happened so I'm not trying to copy her story nor would I want to.

They attack you in ways that makes you think your crazy, with illusions. One time I was driving down the street and I was looking at the skate park to my immediate right, I remember that vividly, and then all of a sudden the scenery changes and I'm on the wrong side of the street in the far left lane with a car inches from hitting me head on. There was a drive way to my left I turned into and barely made it.

There were other times I would see a car coming right at me in my lane and it would disappear. They just don't mess with you with cars, they move objects around too, and hide them, most of all they like to make you angry and fight with everyone.

The strongest attack I had was with Satan him self, but before I was visited by him I was visited by God. It was a tug of war going on between the two, literally. I was hugging my friend and I felt through his arms this shock of energy that literally brought me to the ground. My friend said I hit my head on the dryer, but I remember sitting on the ground and I felt a fire in my chest that didn't burn me and my body felt like it was dying. I managed to get up and walked into the kitchen and the feeling was so strong, I felt like if God was any closer I would have died and I asked him to take it away because I could hardly breathe, but I didn't want him to go either. I felt so complete and all that was running through my head was first Moses and I understood why he had to be transfigured to see god face to face, and the only word that kept coming to my mind was joy. This feeling lasted for about 10 minutes. It was the strongest and longest I've ever felt God, but I couldn't see him.

Then the atmosphere changed immediately and the room turned ice cold. My teeth were chattering and my bones literally felt like ice, and I knew it was Satan. I just knew it cause I never felt power from a demon like that and there is horrible its dread when there around but this was different, I felt a fire feeling in the pit of my stomach and it was strong like gods feeling but this was evil feeling like I wanted to throw up and I felt dirty. I felt a hand go into my chest and grab my heart and it was squeezing it hard and even though I just encountered God I couldn't even think to call on him. The memory of him, for a couple of minutes, was taken from me. The hand started to pull out my soul half way. I couldn't see anything but I knew exactly what was going on. At that time I remembered to pray and prayed for a couple of minutes. I was so beyond scared.

Then God came back again into me and my chest was on fire like before, with the same intensity. I went and sat down in the front room on the chair, his feeling didn't last that long then I felt Satan again, then a couple of seconds I felt God, then Satan again. By this time I was so mentally and physically exhausted I laid down on the couch. My stomach was on fire and I felt Satan's spirit enter into my stomach, and I felt like I wanted to throw up again but worse. I was sweating, but still cold at the same time. I could see my breathe and it was hot in the house, it was summer. I could feel him and he was saying in my head with my own voice, which was weird, I have your soul, and I said, no you don't. I asked my friend to pray with me, he grabbed my hand and that's all I remember until the next morning when I woke up. He said my eyes started to change into a round oval at one point and they turned black and I spoke to him in Latin and then in English but my voice was a male horrible monster sound, and it said I have her soul and he told Satan he doesn't and he continued the prayer and when he was finished and said in Jesus Christ name amen, my eyes went back to normal and I looked at him and passed out.

That was the most intense thing I've ever gone through and its all true. I wasn't drunk or high, nothing. The attacks have stopped, but they were so severe I still feel the touching everyday. I don't know why it happened, but I learned a lot out of it. It taught me to not be so self righteous and I don't know everything and the Bible doesn't have all the answers, only some of them. I understand what demons are capable of, and how they look for every opportunity to attach themselves to us. Sometimes the demons that are around us are ones from our past from things that we haven't forgiven someone for, but the list goes on and on of what they can do but, most of all I learned is how precious your soul is to God and how much the demons want it.

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Many Demon Experience - A True Story Empty
PostSubject: Re: Many Demon Experience - A True Story   Many Demon Experience - A True Story EmptyMon Mar 31, 2008 2:27 am

Creepy much. But then again very spiritual, it doesn't creep me out much to the point where I can't sleep. I have the visualization of a snail so I praise and thank God for that haha.
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Many Demon Experience - A True Story
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