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 Can't Stand It (by: bluebabyjt)

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PostSubject: Can't Stand It (by: bluebabyjt)   Sat Jan 26, 2008 7:29 pm

What do you do when you cant stand it anymore
Can you leave or have you gone to far,
I donít know sometimes I just want to run away
Cuz I cant stand it amymore
You tell me one thing but you mean another,
What to do when your out of control
I donít even know what to say to you anymore,
I am tired and exosted and I want more
You arenít being here for me anymore
You donít do everything you used to do
You yell at me
You tell me you hate me
You cant stand me and I cant stand you
I cant even write anymore..
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Can't Stand It (by: bluebabyjt)
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