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 Harry Potter meets Lizzie McGuire

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Harry Potter meets Lizzie McGuire Empty
PostSubject: Harry Potter meets Lizzie McGuire   Harry Potter meets Lizzie McGuire EmptyFri Dec 21, 2007 9:46 am

Part I

Harry, Ron, and Hermione were sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room. “I’m so bored,” Ron mumbled. “Me too,” Harry agreed. “You guys! You know we have to study for the exams or we’ll fail!” Hermione said. “OK, fine. What spell do we have to practice now?” Harry asked. Hermione opened her million-paged spell book. “We have to do the Transportation Spell. It says, ‘This spell quickly transports you from one place to the other in a very small amount of time. Very useful. It only transports you to places in the same building.’” Hermione read. “OK, let’s try it out. Where’s my wand?” Hermione asked. “I dunno,” Harry answered.

“Where is it? Where is my wand? I need it! Oh no! Where is it?” Hermione panicked, frantically searching around under the textbooks. “I dunno,” Ron said. He leaned back farther in his big armchair. Crrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkk!!!!!! “Uh oh,” Ron squealed. He jumped up.

Hermione screamed. “Oh no, oh no! My wand! My beautiful phoenix-feather wand! Oh no!” Hermione wailed, holding up her wand that was now in two pieces. “Sorry,” Ron said. “Sorry? That’s it? SORRY?!?” Hermione sobbed. She kneeled on the ground and tears streamed out of her eyes. “Come on Hermione. We’ll fix it,” Harry said. Hermione sniffled a little bit. “Really?” “Yeah, sure.”

A few minutes later, big blue duct tape was wrapped over Hermione’s wand. “Oh thank you, Harry!” Hermione cried. She threw her arms around Harry and squeezed him lovingly. Ron snorted.

Hermione held her new wand up high. “Let’s try this baby out!” she exclaimed. “What spell?” Ron asked. “Hmmm...why don’t we do the one we’re supposed to be studying? The Transportation Spell?” Harry suggested. “OK. I’ll take us to the hallway right outside the fat lady’s picture.” Hermione glanced at her spell book. “Takus Locosho!” (A/N: It’s weird I know. It’s supposed to be something like Take Us to another Location.)

Suddenly everything around them starting spinning. Harry, Ron, and Hermione rose into the air. “AGGGGGGGHHH!” they shrieked. The world around them was a blur of light and mixed color. Just then the three friends started whirring super fast through the air. The gang hollered uncontrollably. “I’m hungry,” Ron said. Then all time stopped. Hermione, Ron, and Harry suddenly stopped and were levitating in air. Harry sighed and waved his wand. “Meatus Appearius!” A hamburger appeared in thin air. Ron swallowed the meat sandwich whole and licked his lips. “Thanks.” Then the three started whizzing through time again.

Finally Harry, Hermione, and Ron landed on the floor. Tons of Muggle teenagers were around them, gawking and staring at them. They seemed to be in some kind of Muggle high school.

The three friends gulped nervously. “I have a feeling we’re not in Hogwarts anymore.”

Message from King Veis:"Part II will be updated with in this week or next week"
So, what do you guys think? [Comments Please]

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Harry Potter meets Lizzie McGuire Empty
PostSubject: Re: Harry Potter meets Lizzie McGuire   Harry Potter meets Lizzie McGuire EmptySat Mar 01, 2008 12:00 am

its nice...... Laughing
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Harry Potter meets Lizzie McGuire
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