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 Valentine's Eve

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Veis Minion
Veis Minion

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Valentine's Eve Empty
PostSubject: Valentine's Eve   Valentine's Eve EmptyThu Feb 14, 2008 1:36 am

Valentine’s Eve

Current mood: Valentine's Eve Irritated irritated
Category: Mad

I can't sleep!!!! Not sure why? I tried wine (it usually works pretty good on me!) but my eyes are just keep wide open! Sighhh.... confused

It's cold outside so I can't go out there to get some fresh air and relax like i do (sometimes) in the summer. It's February, why is it still freaking cold??!! I can't put music on because obviously everybody else is sleeping. What i'm gonna do now?Valentine's Eve Dirty

There are 2 things that annoy me the most....constipated and can't sleep!! Yeah....I am gross for talking about constipated online! Tell me about it but I really don't give a s%#@!. I don't care!! I think that is part of your body system so why is it gross?Evil or Very Mad

Uuugghhh.... I prolly should get another glass of wine. Maybe...it will put me in sleep this time? Who knows? Lot of things in my mind right now. Excitement, happy, confuse, worry, missing my grandma, etc...etc...Valentine's Eve Weird
Why myspace can be soooo bored sometimes? When you expect that you can speak to someone, guess what happen? Nobody's there!!! Boooo...!!

Ok.....tell you the truth....I don't think i will get sleepy but instead, i got busted! LOL...yeah...i can feel that i am a bit drunk now! Oh well.....(at least i know that wine still works on me) RazzValentine's Eve Giddy

Today is a Love Day. So I will thank God for what I have! My boyfriend who loves meValentine's Eve Love, My family who love me and All my friends who love me! And....I LOVE THEM TOO!! If you realize, not too many people can get all the love like they expected, that is why I consider myself as a Luckiest person on earth because i have sooo many people to loved and have so many people who love meValentine's Eve Creative

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Medium Veis
Medium Veis

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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Eve   Valentine's Eve EmptySun Feb 17, 2008 4:19 am

valentine valentine valentine...its just wat people wants...yuck!! Evil or Very Mad
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Valentine's Eve
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