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 Who's your Favourite Character?

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King Veis
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King Veis

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PostSubject: Who's your Favourite Character?   Tue Feb 26, 2008 4:44 am

My favourite characters is Bella & Edward, and Alice + Jacob.

Bella: 'Because she is has self confidence in herself. I like people when they have faith. But Bella, she's rather selfish because she wanted to know everything. She is so curious. But she's okay.

Edward: "He is a romantic guy. Most scene in the book had Edward in it, which is great. Spoiler: 'Edward's a vampire. His whole family are. But I won't tell how they became one.' Edward cares about Bella so much and the way the kissed each other in the book, it was so romantic."

Alice: "She is a kind person/girl, and she is also happily married. She cares about people so much. For example: Somewhere in chapter 13 of twilight, when Bella entered their world, Alice was so Kind and caring to her, which is great. "I would like to have a Girlfriend like Alice."

Jacob: "I would say the same as Edward. He is romantic. But he's not a vampire. He is W***W***!" I won't tell much about it, you guys should read about it.. Sorry!

Who's your favourite character? And describe why!

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PostSubject: Re: Who's your Favourite Character?   Thu May 01, 2008 8:50 am

I like all the characters. Stephanie has a beautiful way of writing and she put so much personality into every character that it is hard to just choose one or two. I agree with you King Veis.. those are one of the best characters in the saga series

Bella is one of the best because she is so unpredictable and brave. I like her character very much..

Edward is also a personal favorite because of he is so mysterious but cares so much for Bella and puts so much effort into ignoring his own temptations to kill her.

Alice is such a good person and friend. I love how she supports Bella and Edward's relationship even if it is supposed to be forbidden..

Jacob, in my opinion, is the sweetest guy ever. Even if he knows Bella's love for him is never going to match up to her love for Edward, he still takes care of her and is always there for her.. he'd be a good boyfriend

Carlisle is also one of my favorites because of how he raises his family to live among humans. He is also inspiring to me because that even if he is a vampire, ironically, he works in a hospital saving lives and is exposed to blood but isn't tempted to kill.
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Veis Minion
Veis Minion

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PostSubject: Re: Who's your Favourite Character?   Sun May 04, 2008 8:57 pm

i like the all.. especially edward . he seems to be cool and like cool.. ahaha,,
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PostSubject: Re: Who's your Favourite Character?   

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Who's your Favourite Character?
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